SHIFTit Health Launches New Healthcare Staffing App

Feb 7, 2024 | Press

New, AI-powered app aims to revolutionize staffing for healthcare facilities and home health agencies. 

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2024 — SHIFTit Health, an innovative healthcare marketplace app, is thrilled to announce its alpha launch in Silicon Valley. SHIFTit Health is designed to revolutionize the way healthcare facilities, including home health agencies and hospitals, connect with medical professionals to fill available shifts.

With the traditional staffing model often resulting in high costs and inefficiencies, SHIFTit Health introduces a direct-to-professional approach. The SHIFTit platform, which consists of the ProConnect web app for facilities and a proprietary mobile app for professionals, utilizes advanced AI technology to improve and streamline the staffing process, enabling a more efficient and cost-effective process.

SHIFTit Health’s Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Zainab Naqvi stated, “In the fast-paced world of healthcare, the ability to adapt and respond to staffing needs is paramount. At SHIFTit Health, we’re not just providing a platform; we’re offering a solution that empowers facilities and professionals alike.”

SHIFTit specifically noted benefits for home health agencies and other medical facilities who join the platform now, including:
– Early Access: Be one of the first to access the innovative platform.
– Cost Savings: No up-front costs and significant reductions in staffing fees compared to traditional staffing agencies.
– Streamlined Scheduling: Facilities will be able to post shifts and home visits in under a minute.
– Enhanced Cash Flow: Quicker invoicing and improved cash flow for home health agencies because of the app’s clinical note verification process.

“The core of SHIFTit Health’s platform is our state-of-the-art technology, which has been meticulously developed to match healthcare facilities with the best available medical professionals,” said Rick Duggan, SHIFTit’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our system doesn’t just fill shifts; it creates optimal connections based on specific needs and qualifications, ensuring a seamless fit every time. This level of precision in staffing is unprecedented in the healthcare industry and represents a significant leap forward in how healthcare staffing is approached.”

Healthcare facilities/providers and home health agencies in California are invited to be part of this groundbreaking journey by visiting SHIFTitHealth.com to sign up and start posting shifts now.

About SHIFTit Health:
SHIFTit Health is a healthcare marketplace app at the forefront of staffing innovation. By integrating AI-powered matchmaking with a user-friendly digital platform, we connect healthcare facilities directly with medical professionals, transforming the way shifts are filled and services are rendered. Say goodbye to staffing inefficiencies and hello to SHIFTit Health – where quality care meets cutting-edge technology.

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