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Is Shiftit a Temp/Staffing Agency?

No, SHIFTit is not a Staffing Agency. We are an online marketplace that bridges the gap between Medical Professionals and Healthcare Facilities, allowing them to connect directly for shift fulfillment. By harnessing the efficiency of AI, we’ve removed the need for traditional agencies, making it easier than ever for professionals to find and “plug into” shifts where their skills shine brightest. Think of us as a power outlet for healthcare opportunities: just as you’d plug into an outlet for instant energy, with SHIFTit, Medical Professionals “plug into” a shift today.

How Does Our Healthcare Facility "Plug In" and Request Medical Professionals?

To plug into our talent pool and request medical professionals, simply access the SHIFTit web platform. Upon logging in:

  1. Set Up Your Facility Account: This initial step ensures that your facility’s details are accurately represented on our platform. This includes adding in your facility name & logo, location, departments and payment information. 
  2. Input Shift Details: Ready to fill a shift? Specify the work location, day, date and time you need the professional. Include both hourly and total pay for each shift. Additionally, list any specific licenses or qualifications required for the shift. Post the shift and it’s available in the marketplace.
  3. Post Your Shift: Once your shift details are live, medical professionals view and accept them in real-time. There’s no need for a middleman.
  4. Instant Connection: As soon as a provider accepts a shift, use SHIFTit in-app messaging to provide them with any additional instructions or details about where to go and what to expect. 

With SHIFTit, you’re not just posting a shift; you’re plugging into a network of qualified medical professionals ready to be activated instantly. No waiting, no intermediaries—just direct, efficient connections.

How Do You Guarantee the Quality of the Medical Professional on SHIFTit?

Every medical professional registered with SHIFTit undergoes a screening process. This includes:

License Verification: We use real-time verifications for both driver’s licenses and relevant medical licenses upon registration.

Peer Review: After each shift, facilities have the opportunity to rate the provider based on their performance and level of care. This peer review system ensures continuous feedback and upholds the highest standards of service.

Accessible Documentation: All professional licenses and certifications are securely stored and backed up on our platform. Facilities can easily access these records for each shift and export them as needed for reporting and compliance purposes.

At SHIFTit, we believe in a collaborative approach to maintaining quality. Ensuring exceptional service is a joint effort between the facility and the professional. SHIFTit is committed to providing accessibility for both parties through our marketplace as we encourage a direct relationship. Message your provider, leave a review, and hire them again!

Who is the Account Creator for the Healthcare Facility?

The account for a Healthcare Facility on the SHIFTit web platform is typically established by an authorized individual such as an Administrator, Human Resources representative, Office Manager, or another designated person in a leadership position. 

Moreover, the individual in charge of filling shifts at your facility is the power user for the SHIFTit Facility Web application. This platform serves as the central hub where jobs are posted, payments are managed, and shifts are monitored—whether they are accepted, completed, or canceled. Additionally, it provides comprehensive documentation, streamlines workflow, and fosters efficient employee relationship management. The SHIFTit Facility Web application is a turn-key solution—it’s as straightforward and efficient as plugging into an outlet!

Am I able to add Multiple Locations to My Facility Account?

Yes. For clarity and organization, we recommend creating a master SHIFTit facility account and assigning each location a sub-account.

What Forms of Payment Does the SHIFTit Platform Support?

The SHIFTit platform accepts a variety of payment methods. Healthcare Facilities can pay using major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept debit cards affiliated with these major credit card paroviders. Additionally, we support ACH payments, which allow electronic funds transfer directly between bank accounts. After logging in, navigate to the payment tab to manage and select your preferred payment method(s). Once you set up payments on your account, you can begin creating and posting shifts as soon as you’re ready without any further concerns. Your payment method is saved, and when your shift is accepted, all payment transactions from the facility to the professional are automated!

No One Has Responded to My Shifts Posting. What Do I Do?

While the majority of shifts on our platform are typically filled within a few hours, there may be instances where a shift remains open. This could be attributed to a limited number of professionals available in your vicinity. To optimize the chances of your shift being accepted, consider the following recommendations:

  1. Advance Posting: Endeavor to post shifts well in advance of the start date. This provides ample time for professionals to view and accept the shift.
  2. Competitive Compensation: If a shift remains unclaimed for over 24 hours, consider enhancing the compensation package. This could involve raising the pay rate, subsidizing lunch expenses, or covering mileage costs.
  3. Detailed Descriptions: Furnish comprehensive details about the shift. The more professionals understand about the expectations and environment, the more likely they are to commit.
  4. Profile Completeness: Ensure your facility’s profile is exhaustive and up-to-date, especially regarding payment details. Prompt responses from administrators to any queries can also expedite shift acceptance.
  5. Engage Through Reviews: Regularly provide feedback on professionals who have previously worked shifts at your facility. Positive reviews can encourage them to engage with your future opportunities.

By implementing these strategies, you can enhance the visibility and attractiveness of your shifts, leading to quicker and more frequent acceptances.

How Do I Find the Right Medical Professional for My Facility?

When listing an open shift on the SHIFTit platform, it’s crucial to provide detailed criteria to attract the right medical professionals:

Years of Experience: Clearly specify the minimum or desired years of experience you’re seeking if applicable. This helps in filtering out candidates who may not meet your facility’s standards.

Location Proximity: Indicate if you have a preference for Professional who reside close to your facility. This can be beneficial for shifts that require immediate or frequent availability.

Availability: If you have an urgent requirement or prefer Professional who can be available at short notice, mention “first available” or specify the desired time frame.

By providing these detailed preferences, you can streamline the selection process, ensuring that only the most fitting candidates respond to your shift postings.

How Does SHIFTit Address Situations Where a Medical Professional Fails to Show Up Without Prior Notice?

At SHIFTit, we pride ourselves on partnering with highly professional and vetted Medical Professional, making instances of “No Calls, No Shows” exceedingly uncommon. However, in the rare event that this occurs:

Immediate Action: We prioritize the integrity of our platform and the satisfaction of our facilities. As such, any funds reserved for the provider for that particular shift will be promptly released.

Shift Refilling: Upon your request, our team will make every effort to find a replacement provider on short notice to ensure minimal disruption to your facility’s operations.

Feedback Loop: We value feedback and encourage facilities to report such incidents. This helps us maintain the high standards of our platform and take appropriate measures with Professional who do not adhere to our professional guidelines.

Our commitment is to ensure seamless operations for your facility, even in unexpected situations.

What is the Payment Process for Medical Professional on SHIFTit?

Medical Professionals receive their compensation via the SHIFTit platform in a structured manner:

Shift Completion: Once a shift is successfully completed, the payment process is initiated.

Payment Processing: We have partnered with Stripe, a leading and secure payment processing platform, to ensure smooth and reliable transactions.

Funds Release: After the shift’s completion and any necessary verifications, funds are released directly to the Medical Provider’s registered account within the SHIFTit App.

Our streamlined payment system ensures that Professional are compensated promptly and securely for their services.

Medical Professionals
Is Shiftit a Temp/Staffing Agency?

No, SHIFTit isn’t a traditional Staffing Agency. For job seekers like you, envision SHIFTit as your direct connection to healthcare shifts. Like plugging into an outlet for a charge, with SHIFTit, you instantly connect to your next opportunity. We’ve crafted a platform that seamlessly links Medical Professionals with Healthcare Facilities, bypassing the usual agency middlemen and making it straightforward for you to engage with shifts tailored to your skills.

Gone are the days of waiting months for a recruiter to get back to you. With SHIFTit, the verification process is swift. Simply upload your documentation and complete your profile to get started. Once you accept a shift, your next step is to show up! If you have any questions or need clarification, you can communicate directly with the facility using the in-app messaging feature. The absence of recruiters means you have full ownership of the relationship between you and the chosen facility, ensuring a more direct and personalized work experience.

Do I Have to Be a Licensed Healthcare Professional to Create an Account?

Yes, to create an account on SHIFTit, you must be a licensed healthcare professional with an active license and be in good standing without any derogatory marks. Additionally:

Uploading Certifications: Along with your active healthcare license, you’ll need to upload any relevant certifications, your driver’s license, and other specific licenses (e.g., nursing) that pertain to your professional skill set.

Credential Verification: The app will then verify that all your credentials are current and in good standing. This ensures that only qualified professionals are part of our network.

Profile Completion: After successfully passing the verification step and fully completing your profile, you’ll be all set to start earning on the platform.

How Do I Create a SHIFTit Account?
  1. Download the App: Begin by downloading the SHIFTit app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 
  2. Sign-Up Process: Launch the app and follow the step-by-step sign-up process. This will involve providing some basic information, setting up your login credentials, and specifying your professional details. Begin by filling out your profile in detail. This includes your qualifications, experience, and any specializations. Ensure you upload all required documents, such as certifications and licenses, to validate your credentials.
  3. Document Verification: As part of the sign-up, you’ll be prompted to upload necessary documents, including your professional licenses and certifications. This ensures that all users on the platform meet the required standards.
  4. Account Verification: After completing the sign-up, our team will review your details and verify your account. This process typically takes 2 to 3 days. Once verified, you’ll be all set to start exploring and accepting shifts.
  5. Shift Selection: Browse through available shifts, filtering by facility locations, hours, and pay rates. This allows you to find opportunities that align with your preferences and expertise.

Confirmation & Contribution: Once you’ve accepted a shift, make sure to arrive punctually and provide top-tier patient care. Your commitment to excellence not only benefits patients but also enhances your reputation on the platform, leading to more opportunities in the future.

What Should I Do If I'm Uncomfortable Working with the Matched Healthcare Facility?

If, after accepting a shift, you realize that the matched Healthcare Facility is not a suitable fit for you, please take the following steps:

Immediate Cancellation: Cancel the shift directly through the SHIFTit app. We understand that sometimes matches may not align with personal preferences or past experiences.

Grace Period: We offer a 20-minute grace period post-acceptance, during which Healthcare Professionals can cancel a shift without any repercussions. This is designed to ensure that you feel comfortable with your work environment.

Contact Support: If you decide to cancel a shift, we recommend reaching out to SHIFTit Support at info@shiftithealth.com. Our team can assist with blocking that specific Healthcare Facility from your future matches and will ensure that you continue to have unhindered access to the platform.

Your comfort and satisfaction are paramount to us, and we strive to ensure that every match is a positive experience for our professionals.

Can I Cancel After I’ve Been Confirmed for an Active Offer?

Accepting a shift is a commitment. The Healthcare Provider is counting on you, so you should not accept a shift unless you are certain you can be there. Canceled shifts are taken very seriously. If you do need to cancel a shift, you should do so through the app as soon as possible so the Healthcare Provider has time to find someone else. 

Canceling two or more shifts in a 60 day timeframe may result in your account being temporarily restricted. This is to ensure the most optimal conditions for everyone using the SHIFTit marketplace. 

Any “no call, no show” will result in an immediate restriction to be placed on your account and may result in your account being blocked indefinitely. 

In the event you need to cancel a shift with a start time within 24 hours. We understand emergencies happen, so give as much time as possible if this happens. 

Your cancellation history will impact the Healthcare Facilities likelihood of accepting your request for their shift. 

How/When Am I Paid?

As a Healthcare Professional on the SHIFTit platform, here’s what you need to know about the payment process:

Payment Setup: Ensure you have your debit card information or bank account saved in the app and set as your default payment method. This is crucial for a smooth and successful payout.

Shift Completion: After you’ve completed a shift, the Healthcare Facility will confirm the hours you worked. Once this confirmation is received, the payment process is initiated.

Payment Timeline: Upon successful confirmation, your payment will be processed and should be available within 48 hours.

Payment Platform: SHIFTit partners with Stripe, a trusted and secure payment processing platform, to handle all payment settlements. This ensures that your earnings are transferred safely and promptly.

We strive to make the payment process as seamless and transparent as possible, ensuring you receive your hard-earned money without any hassles.

Is a Photo Necessary?

While photos aren’t strictly mandatory, they add a personal touch to your profile! Having a photo can:

Set Expectations: It allows Healthcare Facilities to know who they’re expecting, making introductions smoother and more personable.

Build Connections: A friendly face can make all the difference. By sharing your photo, you give Facilities a chance to connect with you even before you arrive. It’s a simple way to start building rapport and trust.

Post-Shift Recognition: After your shift, a photo can help Facilities remember you, making it easier for them to recall your contributions and potentially leading to more opportunities in the future.

Remember, your privacy is paramount. Your photo will only be shared with the Healthcare Facility after you’ve accepted a shift, ensuring discretion and professionalism at all times. So, why not add that extra touch and let your photo be the first step in making a lasting impression?

How Can I Determine the Distance of Shift Jobs from My Location?

On the SHIFTit platform, you have the flexibility to define your preferred work radius. When setting up or updating your profile:

Custom Radius: You can specify a custom distance range, indicating how far you’re willing to travel from your primary address for a shift.

Tailored Opportunities: By setting this radius, the platform will prioritize and show you shift opportunities that fall within your chosen distance, ensuring that you’re only presented with jobs that match your travel preferences.

This feature ensures that you have control over your commute, allowing you to balance work opportunities with travel convenience.

What is the Minimum Age Requirement to Register as a Healthcare Professional on SHIFTit?

To become a Healthcare Professional on SHIFTit, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Age Verification: During the registration process, we’ll ask for identification documents or other forms of age verification to ensure you meet this age requirement. This step is crucial to maintain the credibility and professionalism of our platform.

Welcoming All Experience Levels: Whether you’re just embarking on your healthcare career or you’re a seasoned professional with years of experience, SHIFTit is eager to have you on board. Our marketplace is designed to cater to a diverse range of professionals, ensuring that healthcare facilities have access to both fresh perspectives and deep expertise.

Joining SHIFTit means becoming part of a community that values both new talent and experienced hands in the healthcare sector.

Are Taxes Withheld from My Earnings through SHIFTit?

No, SHIFTit does not withhold taxes from your earnings. Here’s what you need to know:

Marketplace Model: SHIFTit operates as a marketplace, facilitating direct connections between Healthcare Professionals and employers. As such, we don’t handle tax withholdings on our platform.

Independent Contractor Status: As a Healthcare Professional on SHIFTit, you function as an independent contractor. This means you have the autonomy to choose your shifts, set your rates, and decide when and where you work. Such flexibility aligns with the IRS criteria for independent contractor status.

Tax Responsibilities: While taxes aren’t withheld from your earnings on SHIFTit, it’s essential to understand your tax obligations. You’ll be responsible for reporting your earnings and paying any applicable taxes when you file your annual tax return. This is separate from any W2 earnings you might have from other employment.

Misconceptions: It’s worth noting that there are many misconceptions about the tax obligations of independent contractors in healthcare. We recommend consulting with a tax professional to ensure you’re fully informed and compliant.

By providing a platform for direct hiring, SHIFTit empowers Healthcare Professionals to manage their professional journey while also understanding their financial responsibilities.