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The healthcare landscape is at a critical juncture. This is a dual crisis, impacting both healthcare facilities desperate for staffing and professionals seeking better work conditions.

Facilities: Healthcare facilities are hemorrhaging revenue, unable to fill beds due to dire staffing shortages. Facilities understand the current recruitment process as agonizingly slow and broken. Shockingly, 66% of specialized roles like pulmonologists remain vacant even after 60 days. And while professionals are yearning for change, they’re ensnared in a system where typical staffing agency mark-ups are exorbitant, ranging between 75% and 100%. This leaves facilities short staffed and frustrated.

Professionals: This isn’t just a logistical issue; it’s a human one. A staggering 18.2% of professionals are leaving their roles, driven to burnout and overload. For those who remain interested in providing patient care, the desire for flexible work is palpable, with 97% voicing a preference for adaptability. It shouldn’t be this hard to pair professionals with shifts when the need is there on both sides. We believe it should be easy to work when, where, and how often you want. This is why on the SHIFTit mobile app, medical professionals can effortlessly find shifts tailored to their expertise and accept shifts from the palm of their hand using the SHIFTit iOS or Android app. 

Enter SHIFTit, the beacon in this tumultuous landscape. We’ve built a simple-to-use platform where healthcare facilities can detail their shift requirements, from timing to specific skill sets. Professionals can scroll and accept in real time with one click! By harnessing the power of technology, SHIFTit offers a real-time, accessible solution that bridges the gap between facilities and professionals. Our platform is not just about filling shifts; it’s about revolutionizing the way healthcare staffing operates. 

With SHIFTit, we’re not just addressing the symptoms; we’re providing the cure. Plug into a shift today!