Disrupting the Status Quo: SHIFTit ‘s Bold Move to Reshape Healthcare Staffing with AI Technology

Nov 28, 2023 | Press

[Beverly Hills, CA] – SHIFTit, an innovative player in the care AI space, is excited to announce its upcoming launch in Q1 2024. Poised to revolutionize the care staffing industry, SHIFTit is now calling for beta users to join and gain priority access to its trailblazing real-time matching solution.

SHIFTit is designed to be a game-changer in healthcare staffing, leveraging advanced AI to connect care professionals with facilities in real time, eliminating the need for traditional staffing agencies. This disruptive platform promises to streamline the staffing process, reduce costs for care facilities, and open up more opportunities for care workers.

A New Era in Healthcare Staffing

The platform is the first of its kind, offering a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly experience. It is not just an evolution in care staffing; it’s a complete reinvention, bringing the sector into the next millennium with technology at its core.

A Call to Action for Beta Users

As SHIFTit gears up for its grand unveiling, the company invites healthcare professionals and facilities to become beta users. This unique opportunity allows early adopters to influence the development of SHIFTit, ensuring the platform meets the dynamic needs of the healthcare industry.

A Word from the CEO

Souheil Jawad, CEO of SHIFTit , shares his vision for the platform: “This is the Uber of care staffing. SHIFTit is positioned to completely change the troubled staffing industry based on antiquated models and bring work into the next millennia. We’re not just introducing a new product but a new way of thinking about care staffing. Our platform is a testament to what happens when innovation meets the real needs of an industry.”

About SHIFTit 

SHIFTit is a technology company and the premier marketplace for real-time healthcare jobs. With our AI-powered platform, SHIFTit matches Healthcare Facilities with Medical Professionals for a more electrifying experience in filling healthcare shifts. Unplug from the hassle of intermediaries and embrace the future of workforce solutions.

Join the Revolution

SHIFTit invites media inquiries, potential beta users, and anyone interested in being part of this groundbreaking journey by signing up HERE. Be a part of the revolution that is set to redefine care staffing.